Monday, December 3, 2007

So What Now?


So where do I go from here? I've got several things to do. I'm hammering out stuff with the Holmes and Watson Committee and a printer. It **should** be taken care of this week. It probably won't be, give my history with printers. We'll see. There's also the next generation of DL-Quarterly. I've gotten the games written and initially playtested, but honestly... they're crap right now.

I really feel I may have cheated my subscribers a little bit with the first DL-Quarterly. I mean, I didn't know any better at the time. I've grown, learned, and matured a lot since I first put forth the idea of a subscription. They're ashcans. I didn't say ashcan when I first started talkinb about it because "ashcan" wasn't even in my vocabulary at the time. I had no idea what it was. Now I do. I also thought, at the time, that if you wrote a game and playtested it a bit, that meant it was fit to publish. Sillyness. I wish I could take some of what I've done back, but what's done is done. Now it's time to learn from my mistakes. So, DL-Quarterly 2 will come out when the games are good and ready, not before. That means getting them to real Ashcan status, not just written and played. It means getting them almost ready for the big time.

And then there's Socratic Design. Of all the things I've done with regard to RPGs, it's the one I am the most proud of. There's nothing that brings me more happiness than helping novice designers with their games. SD still gets a decent number of hits each day even though I haven't posted there in months! That tells me people still use it, and that makes me glad. I'm looking at it now, and it looks good to me... really good. The fourth anthology really sums up everything I thought about RPGs up to that point. So am I going to add more articles to it? I'm not sure. I need to get Holmes and Watson out before I do anything like that. I need the experience of carrying through on a promise before I can talk about design, theory, and publication again. So for now, Socratic Design is resting. Maybe permanently. I'm just updating the links and doing other maintance on it so it's more useable and looks nice. We'll see in another month or two where I go with it.

BTW, thanks to all those who've been sending my your support. I really do appreciate it. :)



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