Friday, March 9, 2007

The Importance of a Method


One of my "things" as an RPG designer is to create tools that help me designer better and more complete games. If you ever read my other blog (Socratic Design) you're probably familiar with some of these that I've created:

The Power 19
Troy's 12 Step Process
The System Design Checklist
The Setting Design Jumpstart
Outlines for Design

I create these to make my job easier. Case and point: I was getting one of my games ready for an outside playtest. I had all kinds of notes on it and things that needed to be changed. I started editing the the thing and realized that my organization was awful! I contradicted myself in a few places. I repeated things. It was miserable. I remember back to when I origonally wrote the game and realized that I thought I could forsake using the tools I created and just free-hand it. Well, I can't. I learned my lesson. I'm the type of designer who needs these sorts of help devices to make sure the game I write is coherant, organized, and complete. And that's just to get it into a playtestable form! For me to not use these tools would be stupid.



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