Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Current Projects:


So let me just describe what I'm working on at the moment. First, I'm finishing up the layout on The Holmes and Watson Committee. It will be out in September of this year. It will also conclude the first series for DL-Quarterly. In December, I'll be releasing the first game for DL-Quarterly Series #2. At the moment, I've got five games I'm working on:

Saviours- A superhero fighty game of temptation and esteem
Ballin'- A game about professional basketball players set in the future
No Greater Love- A game of antiheroes and what's important to them
Dark Sands- A raw fantasy game set on a desert planet
The Hunt- A game of Humans vs. The Terrors of the Night

One of these five won't make the cut. I'll take the four best and turn them into issues for DL-Quarterly, the fifth I'll put on my sight for free. I'll talk more about each of them as my time permits. Until next time!



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