Thursday, April 26, 2007

Originality (Time for a Troy Rant)

Just read a report from Ogre Cave about the GTS (Gamma Trade Show). Looks like two "big time" upcoming CCGs are based on 24 and Stargate SG-1. I'm as much a CCG fan as I am a RPG fan, but seriouesly poeple, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't there any companies out there interested in creating games based on their own intelectual property? I mean, where is the origonality we used to see in games like Netrunner, L5R, and Shadowfist? All we get now are games based off cartoons and TV shows. ARGH! To me, it's disgusting that this industry hasn't had a solid, origonal CCG hit since Warlord. And Warlord SUCKED as a game. Blech!


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