Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Been a while since I posted. Game Chef, Forge Midwest, and Grad School have all been sucking up my time. Ho-hum. That's the way it goes. Anyway, I'm working on revising one of my games for DL-Quarterly Series #2. I got in a good, three month playtest of Blood Sands (formerly Dark Sands). It showed me I really needed to beef up the Setting and revise a lot of the kewl powerz PCs gain as they advance. The revision of kewl powerz was expected. Any time I work on an RPG the numbers and abilties get changed, revised, and sometimes deleted. No biggie. The Setting part did surprise me, though. I didn't spend much time on it in the text of the game, but I wanted it to be important in play. It turned out not to be. Which actually shouldn't be surprising at all. If you don't spend much time talking about something in your game text, the players probably won't spend much time thinking about it. Duh, Troy! So... that's definately something to remember in the future. Back to work now :)



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